Tumblr Assignment # 20 part 4 SENIOR YEAR !


b) The best thing about being a Senior would be finding out who I am, and from there

embracing my life and seeing who and what is out in this


c) I would tell my freshman self, ” Think only happy thoughts , cut the cornrows, 

take the coat off, join CAS, play football, join the Berkeley High School Jacket, talk to all

of  the ladies live life starting now and by the time your 18 everything will be glorious”. 

d)Occupy everything, Obama’s campaign, Shooting Deaths, and A New World Order                                                                                                                                       e) Fun- We Are Young, Player Baby Come back. Chik- Everybody Dance, Kc and Jo Jo-

All My life, Mac Miller- Smile Back, Rack City Chick, Slow down You Know You Can’t

Catch Me, New Romance. Too many to count !.                                                                                 

f) I learned how to be positive, stay strong, believe in myself from the outside in, 

learning to be the life of the party and finding every opportunity to be sociable.                               

g) I am proud of becoming the strong , proactive, brave and confident young man that       

I have grown into.                                                                                                            


I)” Embrace life and the world. Reach for a place higher than the sky above.there is no

limit to the possibilities that are awaiting you. Just believe” .                        

Tumblr Assignment # 20 part 3 Junior Year


b) The most difficult part about Junior year would be passing Geometry after repeating

it twice.                                                                                                     

c) A kid from Berkeley High was shot in kid when his friend pulled the


d) The biggest surprise of junior year was figuring out that I was truly miserable 


by becoming fed up with being a hopeless and sorry person.                                                   

e) I learned about Chemistry and the Vietnam War.                                                              

f) Passing everything at the end of semester 2                                                                 


h)” Grow up, the past is over and its time to move move on…”.